The largest pet diapers manufacturer in China


Nowadays, the tide of domestic pet companies'listing has already started. Will Yiyi share be the next pet concept stock to be listed in A share?

The largest pet diapers manufacturer in China.

In the pet industry chain, Wondias™focuses on pet products, such as pet mats, pet diapers and so on. Its income accounts for more than 90%, while a small proportion of adult care products, such as diapers and sanitary napkins, account for less than 10%.

In terms of income composition, pet diapers, as Wondias `s most important fist product, reached 489 million yuan in sales in 2015 and 552 million yuan in 2016, accounting for 82.75% and 87.23% of revenue respectively.

It is also well understood that the current pet consumption group is mainly concentrated in developed cities. The relatively narrow living space makes pet mattress become the rigid demand of some pet owners.

Other categories accounted for a relatively small proportion, among which pet diapers were sold for 29.1658 million yuan in 2016, an increase of 118.73% over the previous year, because more and more owners paid attention to the care of pet physiological period.

Up to now, Wondias™ as the largest pet diaper manufacturer in China, has more than 100 kinds of pet and adult care products and 15 kinds of new patents in kind.

The largest pet diapers manufacturer in China


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